Ingress: Recursion, Level 6. Spiking.

OK to debrief the last level, I wanted to make sure I did a glyphing level in hommage to the legend of the person who recursed and made it to level 8 just glyphing. My hats off to that person, because that was hell just for one level. I finally found a place I could loop through a bunch of enlightened portals for about 20K AP at the end of 4 loops, so I did that a few times in addition to glyphing wherever I was. It was definitely grindy and I’d rather be doing something else with those green linked portals.

This level now is spiking. For those unfamiliar with the term, spiking is when I deploy just one resonator to a white portal to light it up to my team, but do not add anything further. This gains me 625 AP per spike. So I’ll need 480 of these to complete it.

Complicating (or perhaps complementing?) this is that we’re now in the Umbra Deploy Challenge, where everyone is challenged to deploy to unique resonator slots.  It is my hope to quickly get through this level so that I can do my next level challenge which will be much more in line with the global challenge. But at least getting me through this level will gain me the first level of the Umbra challenge, and a good bit into the second level.

Lastly, I’m off to Pittsburgh for the holidays, so I’ll be doing all of this from there. Well, I’ll hit a few places on the way out today, but it’s going to be interesting getting stuff done in the much less portal dense area (I’ve gotten used to Philadelphia’s portal density!)

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