Splatoon 2

I am currently playing Splatoon 2. There isn’t really much to write about, I just run around and frantically paint everything in sight.


In other words, this is the best game ever.


Me and my Zoo

[This entry is written in the voice of my Diablo character.]

I really prefer to run alone, but there have been a few who have run with me. Of the three, I prefer the Enchantress because while she sometimes speaks too much, what she does say is usually interesting. Well, I could do without her musings on death when we’re in the middle of a battle, but otherwise she’s OK. Plus, she’s willing to take care of the zoo.

Yes, the zoo.

Somehow I’ve acquired as companions a chicken, a bat, and a raven.

Two of them are generally out of the way, just flying along, but the chicken mostly just clucks. Well, it also picks up spare change for me, so that’s useful; but the clucking. Some days the Enchantress has to intervene before I decide that dinner is soup. The bat helps with battles and the raven… well, I guess the raven just looks cool. Goes with my purple wings or something. I hear the goth aesthetic is in given the state of the world, so I guess it works out.

So, that’s it then. My life is now all bird poop and chicken feed. Well, and blood, but hey.