Ingress: Recursion, Level 5. Glyphing.

So, I ended up with the flu — actual influenza version — and that took a week out of my Ingress time. Today I’m finally out of bed so I got myself up to Level 5. I did get to First Saturday, and deployed fully to 6 portals during the event, so I should get the uptick in my FS badge.

And for this level, I will be glyphing. Since this doesn’t have a definite point range, I can’t tell how many I will need. I do know that I have a maximum of three glyph hacks, so it’ll be 150+bonus if I get the max (with an additional 100 if I dirty hack). But I’m going to be glyphing any and all portals I see. I estimate it’ll be about 1000 glyphs, give or take, to get to the next level. Fortunately I’ll be in Center City tomorrow!

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