Due to life changes, I am taking a break from doing shows at this time.


 Past Shows of Note

You can view my music resume to see what all I have done, but a few really stand out in my memory. (You may note some of the pictures below are not of me — this is because I took the pictures myself, during dress rehearsals.)


LadyJaneI played Lady Jane, and this was the largest role I’d ever undertaken. It was the best I’d ever felt about a performance. This is amazing due to the fact that I was in pain at that point due to the hiatal hernia complications I was experiencing; I started the procedures for that surgery immediately after the show ended.


Don Giovanni


I love this because I helped write the new libretto for this performance to incorporate Dracula into the plot. That was a tremendous challenge, but so much fun with the libretto team I was working with!


FairyQueenThis was my first major role on main stage. I got to play the Fairy Queen, and loved every moment of that role. It was amazing to be able to play someone who had incredible magic — I could wave my wand around, and lightning and thunder would flash! I really had a great time with that.

The Magic Flute

BomXZECCYAAcUW6This was put on by Undercroft Opera in May of 2014. While I was ensemble for this cast, I also got to put in a lot of time and effort with the creature team, creating puppets (flapping birds) and parts of costumes (foxes, cats, deer, and frogs) for the creature performers. We even created a large serpent — I came up with how to make the eyes glow! We had a lot of fun with this, and I was very happy to be a part of it.

Susannah and Norma

7680995208_949d5bbd48_oBoth of these shows were put on by Undercroft Opera (Norma in November of 2014, and Susannah in August of 2012) and both have been honored by The American Prize. I was only ensemble for both of these productions, but I really loved being a part of them. Susannah is also where I really started to get my feet proverbially wet singing opera — I really learned a lot during that show!


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