Mazes and the maze of who I am

So, I got invited to be a part of an online RPG for 9th Level Games, playing their Mazes game. We did the first of two parts yesterday, and that was a blast! Normally Mazes is a bit more serious, but the DM was happy to run with our Scooby-doo-like antics. I can’t wait to play the next part in two weeks!

Now, for those of you who have known me, but didn’t know about that, I did announce on Facebook a few times, but the algorithm hated my linking or something and I noticed the post wasn’t put in front of too many eyes. Normally I don’t care about this, but that particular announcement was sad to see muffled. Hopefully with putting it here, you’ll see it more! Yesterday’s session can be found here. And you can go to levelup_ttv on Twitch for the second round on Sunday June 20th at 4:30pm.

But I’m hoping you came here to find this other thing I mentioned in the stream, the Dracula Radio Play. I am part of a Production group called the Cryptic Canticles. We are a bunch of performers who met in the opera companies, goth spaces, or gaming places, who are like-minded and decided to put together this group to funnel some of our creative energy into. A while ago we decided to undertake a massive project of producing a version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula that is fully cast, and podcast-delivered on the date of the journal entries. We managed to make it, and are pretty proud of the result! It runs May 3rd-November 6th every year, and it’s easy to catch up on if you start listening now.

Otherwise, who I am is a gamergothgeek who occasionally sings. I play a lot of tabletop games (board, RPG, minis, etc), and attend as many gaming conventions as I can afford. This is really my primary hobby. I am a goth, meaning I love goth music, go out to goth clubs (when it is possible), and live in a fairly goth aesthetic for my clothing and home decor. I also work with computers for my paycheck, and also love geekly things like anime, Star Wars, the MCU, etc. And lastly, I have been professionally trained as an opera singer, which I occasionally still do from time to time (I am currently concentrating on my primary vocation.)

OK, that’s me in a nutshell, and I hope y’all enjoy the Mazes game as much as I’m enjoying it!

General updates

So, life has been happening at the speed of life. I am now living in Philadelphia’s greater area (I really am outside of the city proper, so also learning how to be a suburbanite), and I am an office denizen on a daily basis. But I’ll get back to my Philly experiences thus far.  Continue reading

I’m moving my #GwenPlays from Facebook to here!

I decided to move my #GwenPlays series from Facebook to here, where it’ll be easier to find and peruse. That means you’re about to see a bunch of updates of back-articles from me onto here. I’ll add a “original date” onto them for reference.

For those who aren’t watching my Facebook posts on those, I started writing about how I (mis-)play video games now that I have a Nintendo Switch. They are meant to be entertaining, not educational in the slightest.

Ditch My Car for a Month

Well, it seems I just won the Lyft Ditch Your Car for a Month contest, so I guess I’m ditching my Jeep for a month (starting Oct 8th.) This is convenient, since I want to put my Jeep into the shop for repairs this month anyway… but I figure I’ll blog about my experiences not using my Jeep.

Caveats and clarifications:

  • I will drive the Jeep to the shop during this month. It needs some work and inspection to be done anyway.
  • Also, I need to move it on Thursdays to get it out of the way of the garbage trucks.
  • I did get Zipcar credits, so I will be driving sometimes… just with Zipcar instead of my Jeep. This will be very useful for getting groceries. (Related: I should really find my ZipCard.)
  • I got a HealthyBike subscription with this contest as well, but I don’t see using that as much as my own bike. Especially since I have a new speedy bike!
  • I will start this on Monday, Oct 8th. I don’t have Lyft credits until then, and getting to Carnegie on a Sunday is obnoxious without a car.

Anyway, let’s see how this goes!

New job!

As most of you may know, I started a new job a few weeks ago. What you may not know is the story behind getting this job.

While I was taking time off between jobs, I found out that GitHub was looking for volunteers for RailsConf. I signed up, and for a few hours of volunteer work on the first day, I got a free ticket. I knew that I was going to this event, not knowing Ruby or Rails, with the aim of learning new things and shaking hands. And that is exactly what happened.

However, the fun part was during a break in sessions, we were all given cheesecake to enjoy during a bit of a social hour. I sat down at a table and introduced myself to the folks there. At this point, it was just for social reasons, I was trying to do all my hand shaking at the vendor booths.

One of the guys at the table was a really nice guy I talked to for a long while. As we got up and exchanged business cards, I found out he’s the VP of Engineering at his company. Wow! I had no idea! He did email me the following week asking me to interview there as well, and … well .. he is now my boss.

I am now officially a DevOps Engineer, and I really like all of the people I am working with at this new job. So — the risk I took in quitting the last job worked out.

I am counting my lucky stars on this.