General news and updates…

Hi all,

So, my day job is being a Tech Support Engineer for ABB Enterprises. No, no, I’m not telling people how to find the “any key”, I screen bug submitted by customers, and help with case management for the customers. Well, one of the major customers I have is upgrading our software this year, which is a massive undertaking considering that this particular software runs all of the operations in power plants (including nuclear power plants). I have been unbelievably busy since the year started, and my schedule has changed, and might change soon.

Change #1: I had to drop out of Madama Butterfly. I will be going down to the customer site during Tech Week, and you can’t be in a show and miss Tech Week. I am sad to miss this from the stage-side, but I do continue to be involved behind the scenes.

Change #2: I don’t know which week will be the Food Stamp Week at this time. I may have another trip during the originally planned trip, so this is going to have to happen when I can fit it in.


Food Stamp Week II Teaser…

I’ll be doing the Food Stamp Week once again, March 22-28, and this time I’ll have the beautiful Mari Storch joining me! You may see her posts come up from time to time in conjunction with that, and perhaps at other times (or not, we’re pretty freeform here).

That is all!

$30 Week — day 7

So, it’s the final day of this. And I’ll be honest, I’m sick of the project. I’m sick of not being able to eat greens, or really any fruits or vegetables. I met with folks for lunch, and Derrick got pumpkin soup, and I was really sad I couldn’t get some too. Instead, I had the rest of the bean mix stew I’ve been going through all week.

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$30 Week — days 5 & 6

Once again, the power of rehearsals killed me! Also, I had a couple of upper management visit my office today, so whatever steam I had last night after my rehearsal ended up being funneled into finding a nice business outfit for today instead of updating the blog.

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$30 week — days 3 & 4

So as to explain not only my lack of posting yesterday, but also why I end up eating out so much normally, my life is really very busy most of the time. Yesterday was a good example. After being out at a performance of Princess Ida (starring some of my friends) until about midnight the night before, I had to be at a rehearsal for RCC at 10am. Then I had to leave that around 11am to get to my first rehearsal for Bellini’s Norma.. which lasted until 3pm. Then I came home, cleaned up around the house, worked on food preparations, and then departed for another performance of Princess Ida (second cast, still starring some of my friends) where I was also ushering, so call time at 7pm. Again I was out late with that, only this time there was an added trip to Rock Bottom with said friends in the cast until nearly 2am. No, I did not eat or drink, I embarrassedly ordered water and apologized profusely to the waitstaff for being there.

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