Ingress: Recursion, Level 7. Microfielding.

With the Umbra challenge going on, it turned out to be a lot harder to find uncaptured portals out there than normal! But I got my way through the spiking level, and even picked up the bronze Umbra medal on the way.

My next self-challenge is my final one: Microfielding, sometimes also called microstitching or field stitching. Originally I was going to have rules where I could only use portals I’d fully deployed, and all portals I fully deployed must be part of a field. However, with the Umbra Challenge going on, I would really like to actually participate in that, so I’m relaxing the rules a bit to allow me to also work on Umbra at the same time. So here are my rules for the microfielding:

  1. I can use portals that are already blue, but I must upgrade them to maximum resonators as best as I can. I can also deploy mods.
  2. I must use those portals in a field.
  3. I cannot derp links, all links must be for a field.

This means that I’m going to have to pay attention to key collection here! And without glyphing! So this will be interesting. Fortunately I do have a lot of leftover multi-hacks and heat sinks so I can use those as needed.

Once Umbra is over, I’ll probably prefer to find clusters of white portals to do this — more AP! — but in the meantime this will mean I don’t have to handicap myself out of the limited time medal. Hopefully!

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