Pandemic Life

Hey all, I realized I haven’t updated in a bit, so here’s an update. I’m living, like the rest of the world, in a pandemic so life the last 5 months has been fairly isolatory with so many plans being canceled. Ruddigore is on hold, of course. I’ve not been able to go out and meet people as much. I haven’t been in the office since early March though thankfully I can work remotely and remain employed.

But where life cancels some plans, it picks others back up. Cryptic Canticles has been doing a lot of things these months; we have a new project soon to be announced (and well under production already). I got the house in Pittsburgh ready for rental and am working on new housing here in Philly. I have made a lot of things with crochet. There’s also some recording things I’ve been doing here and there.

So, there’s not quite anything to report yet, but I have been keeping very busy with many projects. I miss everyone though, and can’t wait to be able to see people irl again!

Ingress: I recursed.

So I finally made it to level 16! … And I immediately recursed.

photo_2019-11-22 11.33.41

For those not familiar with Ingress, this post is going to be very heavily Ingress related so move on if you don’t care. But brief explanation: Level 16 is the highest level you can get to in Ingress, and you get there with 40 Million AP (total) plus some badges and stuff. Anyway, it takes forever to get to. Once you are there, though, you have the option of “Recursing”, which means you press a button and start all over. Well, you get to keep your badges, but you get to work on that 40 Million AP all over again. But at least you get access to all of the highest level gear by level 8, and that’s only 1.2 Million AP to get to.

I decided that to get to level 8, I am going to gain AP by doing one thing each level for points. One thing. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll have posts coming up describing each level as I go through it. Look for the posts under the “Level8Quest” category!