One week until my surgery

Many of you may or may not have known, but I will be having surgery on May 10th. I’ve had a hiatal hernia, which most have, but it’s gotten bad enough to cause a lot of symptoms in the past 6 months. After much poking and prodding, the doctors determined that it’s twisted up and threatening to strangulate, so they’re going to fix it.

I’m not actually worried about the surgery itself, it’s pretty routine, and I generally do very well with surgeries.

No, I’m worried about the Cabin Fever after! Three days in the hospital, then two weeks at home in bed. OOF!

Fortunately, I have the Dracula Radio Play to keep me busy (which can be done from bed, since most of what I’m directing is over the internet anyway), but still! CABIN FEVER!

So if you have a chance in late May to drop me a line, please do!

The other thing I’m sad about is that I won’t be able to sing again until the Fall. It’s going to be insane and murder on my psyche not being able to sing (not even in the car), but I’m sure I’ll be able to rebound from this as I always have.

I’m really, really looking forward to the end result, when I am no longer in pain, and can eat and sing again!

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