Surgery and the Recovery

Hi all!

I’ve been asked repeatedly how I’m doing, so the really simple answer is: Recovering faster than expected, really!

OK, here’s the more complicated answer. On Wednesday evening I woke up out of anesthesia with no less than 5 tubes coming out of various parts of my body and a full on heart monitor strapped to my chest. I was remarkably not feeling much in the way of pain… well, from the surgery area. The tube going down my throat through my vocal chords did cause a sore throat, and the bruising from the constant poking of needles…. those caused some pain. The sore throat was the major pain though. Ugh.

Because of the sore throat pain and the fact that I have a pretty massive phobia of certain medical things that was being massively triggered, I spent most of my time at the hospital asleep. Well, as much as I could, because I was being woken up every hour for various tests (vitals, blood draws, “you need to get up and walk around”, needles into the stomach, etc etc.) even all through the night. Many friends wondered why they didn’t hear from me those three days in the hospital, and well, that’s why. Also, typing on a phone with an IV in is impractical.

Anyway, Friday morning they did a “swallow test” to verify that I could swallow liquids without leaking, and subsequently took out some of the tubing, including the one down my throat (yay!!) Saturday morning saw the rest of everything removed and I was discharged home. Really, by Friday night the nurses had started ignoring me (except for those hourly pokings and proddings) because my recovery was clearly going so well they should put their attentions on the more serious cases in the ward. My mom got me Saturday afternoon, and I got home around 4pm, exhausted so I pretty much just went back to sleep.

I think I did the most of my recovery on Sunday in terms of recuperating my energy and getting back to feeling human again. I didn’t do much that day except rest, but being able to walk around the house and sit on my couch was lovely. Monday morning I finally got a shower and really felt human again.

So, at this point I’m just slowly returning to being human. I do have some stamina issues, and the fact that my diaphragm was stitched up means that it’s super tight and hard to breathe — I actually cannot breathe in a deep breath at all, all of my breathing is very shallow. This means exertion is hard on me, and I need time to slowly breathe in my shallow breaths for a period to be able to recover the oxygen I need. But that’s the primary recovery point I’m having now. Otherwise I feel pretty good.

Other little bits of trivia from this surgery…┬áso, what was being fixed was a long tendril of stomach that had poked its way through the diaphragm into the esophagus, a very serious hiatal hernia. When the surgeon went in to get it, he found that it was in the process of strangulating. So how’s that for Just In Time surgery? I’ve also been on surgery related diets for almost 3 weeks now, 2 weeks of a “Liver Reduction” diet pre-surgery (plus two days of full liquid diet right before). Before the swallow test I was on an IV only diet, and since that swallow test I’ve been back on a liquid diet. I’ll move to a “soft diet” on Thursday, which will remain in effect for 6-8 weeks. So, no beer (or any alcohol), soda, broccoli, berries, er… actually there’s a huge list of what I can’t eat for that time period. Very sad I’ll be on these restrictions through Origins.

One of the questions I get though, “Have you lost weight?” Well, yes, I’ve been basically starving myself for 3 weeks, I’ve lost about 20 lbs so far. Well, that’s just from the hospital scales from pre-op testing a month ago until day of the surgery. I suspect I’ve lost a bit more. But I don’t like this weight loss because I know I’m losing muscle because I can’t exercise. And this is likely to be weight that comes back later. This is incredibly unhealthy weight loss. :(

And one thing I have learned through this surgery… because I’m actually in pretty good muscle shape underneath all of my fat is why I’m recovering so quickly. I do not want to lose this muscle! But I will work on getting it back after I’ve recovered enough to work out again. :)


One week until my surgery

Many of you may or may not have known, but I will be having surgery on May 10th. I’ve had a hiatal hernia, which most have, but it’s gotten bad enough to cause a lot of symptoms in the past 6 months. After much poking and prodding, the doctors determined that it’s twisted up and threatening to strangulate, so they’re going to fix it.

I’m not actually worried about the surgery itself, it’s pretty routine, and I generally do very well with surgeries.

No, I’m worried about the Cabin Fever after! Three days in the hospital, then two weeks at home in bed. OOF!

Fortunately, I have the Dracula Radio Play to keep me busy (which can be done from bed, since most of what I’m directing is over the internet anyway), but still! CABIN FEVER!

So if you have a chance in late May to drop me a line, please do!

The other thing I’m sad about is that I won’t be able to sing again until the Fall. It’s going to be insane and murder on my psyche not being able to sing (not even in the car), but I’m sure I’ll be able to rebound from this as I always have.

I’m really, really looking forward to the end result, when I am no longer in pain, and can eat and sing again!