Die Fledermaus and its Covers’ Performance!

If you recall, I was honored to get a covers position for Die Fledermaus — I am covering the lead, Rosalinde! I am covering this role along with another very talented lady, Sarah Perconte, so doubly honored!

We will be having a special performance on Saturday, January 31st at 1pm. This performance is a special highlights version of the opera where we reduce the number of scenes and dialogue to show you a sort of “best of” version of the show, and will run under 2 hours. Tickets will be sold at the door for $15.

We are still working out how Sarah and I will split the role for this performance, but I will certainly have a lot of stage time. This is why most of you aren’t seeing me this month, so much rehearsing to do for this!

Also, the main stage production of Die Fledermaus is going to be amazing. We’re setting it in the 1970’s, and there’s a lot of fun and silliness to be had in this production. The cast is just incredible and they’re already looking great as we start our rehearsals. PLUS! I do get a tiny little solo line in the opening party scene.

You won’t want to miss this show! As usual, I have tickets for the main stage production for sale until the final week before the show at $23 general, $28 balcony, and $33 orchestra. I do take Paypal, and can leave tickets at Will Call if needed. So let me know if you would like tickets!

Online album of The Sorcerer has been released!

You can purchase the audio of my last performance on Google Play for $9.99!┬áThe album contains two full performances – both casts – for 3 hours and 39 minutes across a total of 92 tracks. My performance is the second listed, and I have a solo on “Constance My Daughter”. And I’m in a quintet in “I rejoice that it’s decided”.