Ingress: Recursion, Level 1. Recharging.

OK, so, I recursed. I’m level 1. I need 2500 AP to get to level 2.

I decided that for this level, I’m going to get there by recharging. That’s 10 AP each recharge, so I only need to recharge 250 times. That’s actually not bad.

Oh, except my xm bar is really really smol and I have no lvl1 power cubes. Welp, guess I’m going to be going for a lot of long walks this level!

Ingress: I recursed.

So I finally made it to level 16! … And I immediately recursed.

photo_2019-11-22 11.33.41

For those not familiar with Ingress, this post is going to be very heavily Ingress related so move on if you don’t care. But brief explanation: Level 16 is the highest level you can get to in Ingress, and you get there with 40 Million AP (total) plus some badges and stuff. Anyway, it takes forever to get to. Once you are there, though, you have the option of “Recursing”, which means you press a button and start all over. Well, you get to keep your badges, but you get to work on that 40 Million AP all over again. But at least you get access to all of the highest level gear by level 8, and that’s only 1.2 Million AP to get to.

I decided that to get to level 8, I am going to gain AP by doing one thing each level for points. One thing. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll have posts coming up describing each level as I go through it. Look for the posts under the “Level8Quest” category!

No, I don’t Twitch

My team lead asked why I don’t stream my games. Well, it’s because doing these silly little recaps are funny and entertaining, but if you watched me in real time, it’d be more like…


By the way, that is where I am currently stuck in a quest. Stupid Thunder Plateau.

Me and my Zoo

[This entry is written in the voice of my Diablo character.]

I really prefer to run alone, but there have been a few who have run with me. Of the three, I prefer the Enchantress because while she sometimes speaks too much, what she does say is usually interesting. Well, I could do without her musings on death when we’re in the middle of a battle, but otherwise she’s OK. Plus, she’s willing to take care of the zoo.

Yes, the zoo.

Somehow I’ve acquired as companions a chicken, a bat, and a raven.

Two of them are generally out of the way, just flying along, but the chicken mostly just clucks. Well, it also picks up spare change for me, so that’s useful; but the clucking. Some days the Enchantress has to intervene before I decide that dinner is soup. The bat helps with battles and the raven… well, I guess the raven just looks cool. Goes with my purple wings or something. I hear the goth aesthetic is in given the state of the world, so I guess it works out.

So, that’s it then. My life is now all bird poop and chicken feed. Well, and blood, but hey.