Dear Princess Zelda,

Original date: May 17, 2018

I’m sorry Princess Zelda. I know we have been through a lot in the past.. well, it seems to be inferred by many, I don’t actually remember this at all.. but apparently we have been through a lot. I know that you had helped me in those past times, again, I know this by inference, but I don’t really have any personal ties to these lost memories anymore. I also know that you are apparently stuck and imprisoned by some evil demonlord, which, again, I don’t actually remember much about.

But that all being said, I am sorry just the same. I have discovered that I am rather skilled at mining and horse thievery, and I am making a rather tidy profit at these ventures. I am thinking of buying a house I found for sale and just making it mine. I should be able to retire comfortably into this happy lifestyle.

I hope your next hero works better for you, and I wish you all the luck in your captivity.

Thank you,

What to do, what to do… oh

Original date: May 14, 2018

I have finally resumed playing Zelda after a break of a couple of months due to Life Happening <tm>. My birthday I indulged in several hours of playing, and I also played a few hours over the weekend. Picking it back up after a hiatus, I realized I should finish the project I was on: to find all of the Towers so that I could fully map out the world. I did complete that.

And then I wondered…. now what? All of my time had been spent on this exploration! I now have this wonderful map to work on! What to do now?

Oh, right, I also acquired a list of quests while I was at it right? Also, someone told me about another rune that gives me an in-game camera for taking pictures and it came with some… let’s look at that.

Oh, hey. It’s the quest that is meant to inspire me to explore the world, clearly. Well, at least I already know where all of these are and can just teleport to them right away. Fine, fine.

Also, I figured I was pretty close to having found all of the shrines, given how much of the world I explored finding those Towers. So I’m talking to¬†Mao Invictus, the most expertiest expert of Zelda playing I know, and she mentions that she’s only six shy of finding all of the shrines. So I went home and looked at my shrine count.

I SMS her: I have 33 shrines. 33.
She responded: Only 87 more to go!

Oh what a wonderful day to be climbing in the rain!

Original date: March 18, 2018

There’s a mechanic in the game that if it is raining out, climbing becomes exceedingly more difficult, and you end up sliding down more than climbing up. So, here are some excerpts from my personal thought-narrative last night.

Hey, the tower I need to reach is at the top of this cliff, so I just need to climb up it. It’s sunny at the moment, so I’ll just run over this short distance and start to climb. Got there, starting to…. oh damn, now it’s raining.

Oh hey, I’m hang-gliding off the tower now, and want to get to that shrine on the side of that cliff. I won’t quite make it at that level, so will need to climb a bit, but fortunately it’s nice and sunny out! OK, gliding over… got to it… oh damn, now it’s raining.

Oh, getting across this river with my hang-glider will be easy! I just need to drift over and climb the last bit back up this cliff! And, it’s totally sunny and it’s a VERY SHORT distance so it won’t be raining by the time I get across! Right? Damn, no, I was wrong.

Switch need food badly

Original date: March 16, 2018

It has been a while since I have been able to play. I had a few weeks where memorizing my lines took much higher precedence over video games. But now that I am safely past that crunch, and am even at a gaming con for a relaxing weekend, I figured it is time to play again.

And that is how I discovered that the Switch runs out of juice, even when not in use.