Already amending DitchMyCar

So, I’ve made a couple of discoveries about this freebies thing… one, I did catch a Lyft to rehearsal last night, and found that the total cost was $30, and that’s just going 5 miles. I won’t be able to afford the trips to much farther than that, and I have quite a few I need to make! So, I looked ahead and thought about renting a ZipCar for the trips I need to make that are farther out….. and found that all of the available ZipCar locations are now outside of 6 miles away. So…. my ZipCar membership is pretty useless for this.


Amendment: I’m going to have to drive my Jeep for my trips that take me farther than 6 miles.


That being said, I was motivated to ride my bike instead of driving to Piper’s on Monday evening, and last night I took a Lyft to rehearsal. Tonight I’m going to either ride my bike or catch a ride from a friend to the Waterfront for a movie.


Total so far: $30 Lyft.

Ditch My Car for a Month

Well, it seems I just won the Lyft¬†Ditch Your Car for a Month contest, so I guess I’m ditching my Jeep for a month (starting Oct 8th.) This is convenient, since I want to put my Jeep into the shop for repairs this month anyway… but I figure I’ll blog about my experiences not using my Jeep.

Caveats and clarifications:

  • I will drive the Jeep to the shop during this month. It needs some work and inspection to be done anyway.
  • Also, I need to move it on Thursdays to get it out of the way of the garbage trucks.
  • I did get Zipcar credits, so I will be driving sometimes… just with Zipcar instead of my Jeep. This will be very useful for getting groceries. (Related: I should really find my ZipCard.)
  • I got a HealthyBike subscription with this contest as well, but I don’t see using that as much as my own bike. Especially since I have a new speedy bike!
  • I will start this on Monday, Oct 8th. I don’t have Lyft credits until then, and getting to Carnegie on a Sunday is obnoxious without a car.

Anyway, let’s see how this goes!