Career Resume: Software Developer/DevOps

A talented, reliable Software and Operations specialist with strong expertise in building and implementing software for clients, and at diagnosing software issues. Adept at working with managers and developers during the software development lifecycle. Demonstrates a strong attention to detail and ability to resolve complex problems efficiently. Skilled in multiple programming languages.

Professional Experience

Akamai Technologies 2018 – 2020
Software Engineer II/DevOps

Works in the Network Systems Edge Platform division to help maintain servers and in-house software.

GLOBO 2018 – 2020
DevOps Engineer

Assists the Engineering team with maintenance of development systems, and automation of coding practices. Aids with data integrity checks. Creates, implements, and maintains Security policies for the Development resources including implementation of the VPN and SIEM, and overview dashboards for ISO27001 and HIPAA compliance. Develops in Ruby and Perl for automation of data audit checks and billing report creation.

  • AWS, PagerDuty, Sumo Logic, Jira, GitHub, RubyMine, FoxPass, Userify, Docker

Wombat Security Technologies 2016 – 2018
Tech Support Engineer/Application Support

Provided application support for the Wombat platform by interfacing with customers, providing training and diagnosing their issues. Point person for the PhishAlarm and PhishAlarm Analyzer products. Created documentation for point products, and more general Knowledge Base articles for the user community.

  • Used SQL and Splunk queries for diagnostics
  • Used tools: Salesforce, Jenkins, Jira
  • Created scripted tools in Perl for members of the Support team

ABB Enterprises 2009 – 2016
Senior Customer Support Representative/Application Support

Provided application support for the products Asset Suite, eSOMS, ER Suite, and SOI. Created new processes for bettering Support procedures. Provided French language support.

  • Performed SQL operations and examined COBOL and Java code to diagnose issues
  • Travelled to China to the Shanghai ABB office to train a new customer support team

Wellspring Worldwide 2008 – 2009
Systems Administrator

Installed and hardened software needed for the organization. Integrated the software into the office applications and administration.

  • Horde Groupware, LDAP, RT

Computing Services, Carnegie Mellon University 2005 – 2008
Senior Software Engineer/Systems Administrator

Installation and maintenance of OPs software for the University. Support daily OPs tasks for the University community.

  • Perl programming for general tasks
  • Created an application for viewing the status and statistics of the backups
  • Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux platforms
  • Apache web server, OpenAFS, Atempo Time Navigator, FWTK

pair Networks, Inc. 1997 – 1999, 2001 – 2003
System Administrator

Third employee at pair Networks, responsible for any number of Systems Administration tasks, including installation of the hardware and software, script creation and maintenance for daily tasks, interface with the customers to support their needs.

  • Tuning/configuring Apache, MySQL, PHP, and other software packages
  • Maintaining and developing system scripts
  • Data security and systems maintenance on FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD Server installation
  • Registration and updating of DNS records

Inkotomi Corporation 2000 – 2001
Custom System Administrator, Dedicated Search Clusters

Maintained search clusters for high-end clients with dedicated search hosting through perl-backed configuration scripts.

  • Solaris systems backing Inktomi search clusters (10+ clusters of 2-35 nodes each)
  • Developed Perl scripts to customize options and automate maintenance

E-Greetings 1999 – 2000
UNIX Systems and Networks Administrator

Contract position to Jumpstart a number of Solaris servers and upgrade the RAM. Contract continued when a need for an inventory tracking system was identified and developed.

  • Developed a web package using Perl, PHP, and MySQL for inventory tracking
  • Installed 50+ Solaris Servers
  • General Ops Maintenance

Technical Expertise

Programming Languages

  • Primary: Perl
  • Secondary: PHP, Rust, Ruby (on Rails), C, C++, Java
  • Tertiary: Cobol, Pascal, Fortran, BASIC


  • FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux.
  • AWS Management: EC2, CloudWatch, GuardDuty, Patch Manager, Databases, IAS, etc
  • General system maintenance (users, hardware, backups)
  • Server clusters, large enterprise systems (500+ servers)


  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Apache web server.
  • Hosting server side domain name registration (DNS/BIND).
  • Database administration: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Email systems: qmail, sendmail, postfix
  • Security administration: tripwire, firewalls, Wombat Training Systems, Sumo Logic log parsing and dashboards for monitoring


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh

Sumo Logic Certifcations: Administration, Fundamentals, Search Mastery

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