Pandemic Life

Hey all, I realized I haven’t updated in a bit, so here’s an update. I’m living, like the rest of the world, in a pandemic so life the last 5 months has been fairly isolatory with so many plans being canceled. Ruddigore is on hold, of course. I’ve not been able to go out and meet people as much. I haven’t been in the office since early March though thankfully I can work remotely and remain employed.

But where life cancels some plans, it picks others back up. Cryptic Canticles has been doing a lot of things these months; we have a new project soon to be announced (and well under production already). I got the house in Pittsburgh ready for rental and am working on new housing here in Philly. I have made a lot of things with crochet. There’s also some recording things I’ve been doing here and there.

So, there’s not quite anything to report yet, but I have been keeping very busy with many projects. I miss everyone though, and can’t wait to be able to see people irl again!

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