Ingress: Recursion, Level 4. Full Deploys.

Thanks to agents Mathematician, KingConstantine, and Onceamoose, I got enough mods to deploy out to the 200 portals I needed to push them onto (that’s 400 mods!) Onceamoose also kindly drove me around his area to find most of those portals, and made sure they were blue for me to be able to deploy to them.

So my next level will be full deploys. I was going to wait on this until later, so it feels like a bit of a cop out to do only 40 portals (including 80 more mods, thanks again Onceamoose!), but I needed to do something I can easily get the amount of AP I need for IFS on Saturday, plus I am going to do many of these deploys somewhere I can then use for the next stage…. but that’ll be later. I have PAX Unplugged to get to this weekend, so other than IFS, Ingress is being put away for a bit.

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