Ingress: Recursion, Level 3. Mods.


Dirty hacking is easy when you live near a green farm. Also, the nearby portal heavy Freedoms Foundation had just been spiked by a green player. I drove the Freedoms Foundation loop 4 times and gained 14500 AP from that alone. After that I drove through the Valley Forge green farm on my own once, then another time with a couple friends who were destroying it. I leveled early into that second drive!

My next challenge is deploying mods to get to level 4. I’ll need about 400 deploys to get the AP needed, which means I need 400 mods. That’s the difficult part of this challenge, I can’t glyph hack which makes getting mods easier! I’ve already deployed a few, but I’ll be running out soon, so I’ll be relying on help from some friends to pass me junk mods and clean hacking portals in hopes of getting random mods. This might take a while!

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