Oh what a wonderful day to be climbing in the rain!

Original date: March 18, 2018

There’s a mechanic in the game that if it is raining out, climbing becomes exceedingly more difficult, and you end up sliding down more than climbing up. So, here are some excerpts from my personal thought-narrative last night.

Hey, the tower I need to reach is at the top of this cliff, so I just need to climb up it. It’s sunny at the moment, so I’ll just run over this short distance and start to climb. Got there, starting to…. oh damn, now it’s raining.

Oh hey, I’m hang-gliding off the tower now, and want to get to that shrine on the side of that cliff. I won’t quite make it at that level, so will need to climb a bit, but fortunately it’s nice and sunny out! OK, gliding over… got to it… oh damn, now it’s raining.

Oh, getting across this river with my hang-glider will be easy! I just need to drift over and climb the last bit back up this cliff! And, it’s totally sunny and it’s a VERY SHORT distance so it won’t be raining by the time I get across! Right? Damn, no, I was wrong.

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