Branching out

Original post: January 5, 2019

Yup, I’ve branched out in my games. I now have Diablo III for the Switch. And I am really loving it — it satisfies a really base and horrible love of mine to do rampant and unrepentant destruction on everything in sight.

But back to me playing games and my somehow managing to do things bassackwards every time.

So, I go up against the Skeleton King, the first real boss in the game. I start out not so worried, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not really hurting much from the random enemies attacking me. I mean, I figured it’d be difficult, but I’d get through it.

I died.

Uhmmmmm, OK, let’s try that again. I press the button on the left-hand side (la la la!) and switch out some gear .. hmm, starting to run low in that selection screen. Well, let’s try this anyway. I go in, my newly minted and quite useless companion at my side.

I died.

OK, something’s going really badly here. I’m barely making any dent on him, and he’s killing me in two hits. Well, something’s gotta work, right?

I died. I died. I died.

OK, well, dammit, now I can’t select any gear from that button, so I guess I’m out. I portal back to town to go see if the merchants have anything useful.

“Uhm, we have some stuff, but you have much better stuff already?”

Apparently I’d been carrying around this backpack full of gear and not bothered to look in it.

Er, yup.

So I put some of that on, and … oh hey, Mr. Skeleton King is pretty easy after all.

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