A sad post

Original date: February 1, 2018

(CW: this one is sad.)

I found another horse, it was all cream colored and pretty! I easily strode up to her and mounted, then as she tried to buck me off, I charmed her in one try. Great!

Except that while she was bucking around, we slid down a cliff. And slid. And slid. And ended up next to a lake at the bottom of the cliff.

OK, horses can swim, right? Except, apparently not in the land of Zelda. OK, let’s try to climb back up! Not gonna have that. OK, how about walking along the edge of the lake beside the cliff… but apparently the cliff was too steep.

I spent an hour trying to unwedge this digital horse from where she had gotten herself stuck (at this point I decided it was a she mostly because the more I related to her, the more I personified her as me.) I tried everything several times over. Finally, I had to climb out of there in futility.

I looked back over the cliff, and there she was, just standing there stuck against the lake. Not even moving anymore.

With a heavy heart, I walked away. Not being able to bear it, I decided to teleport back to the nearest stable and run back, just to clear the cache of the server.

I looked over the cliff, she was not there. But her herd was close by still… without her in it.

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