Already amending DitchMyCar

So, I’ve made a couple of discoveries about this freebies thing… one, I did catch a Lyft to rehearsal last night, and found that the total cost was $30, and that’s just going 5 miles. I won’t be able to afford the trips to much farther than that, and I have quite a few I need to make! So, I looked ahead and thought about renting a ZipCar for the trips I need to make that are farther out….. and found that all of the available ZipCar locations are now outside of 6 miles away. So…. my ZipCar membership is pretty useless for this.


Amendment: I’m going to have to drive my Jeep for my trips that take me farther than 6 miles.


That being said, I was motivated to ride my bike instead of driving to Piper’s on Monday evening, and last night I took a Lyft to rehearsal. Tonight I’m going to either ride my bike or catch a ride from a friend to the Waterfront for a movie.


Total so far: $30 Lyft.

2 thoughts on “Already amending DitchMyCar

  1. It can be shocking how much transportation costs. We usually don’t think much about it, but it’s expensive! Curious to see how your tally looks compared to the total cost of owning a car for the same time period. (Which can be hard to calculate with repairs and stuff.) Either way, an interesting experiment.

    • Yah, it sucks I have to amend it this way. If I were truly car-less, I probably would not have planned the things I did the way I did… and my Lyft credits expire on November 6th, so I gotta use them this month (I can’t just push off doing this experiment to a month I’ve predetermined). Ah well.

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