Queen of the Fairies in Iolanthe

The Pittsburgh Savoyards is putting on Gilbert and Sullivan’s Iolanthe in October, and I have been cast as the Queen of the Fairies. This is my biggest main stage role yet, so I’m super excited to be doing this.

The role is double cast, so I will be the Queen on the odd dates for the run of the show: October 9, 11, 15, and 17. The other nights I will be in the ensemble while Deborah Greenstein is the Queen (a Savoyards regular, and an amazing performer!)

This is going to be a lot of fun. I feel prepared to undertake a role this big now that I’ve covered Rosalinda in Die Fledermaus — the covers’ performance last January was extensive enough to allow me the confidence to know that I can handle a big role like this.

As always, if you would like tickets, let me know! If I can’t get them to you personally, I can put them at will call and accept payment by Paypal. Tickets through me cost $15 each, and I can sell them up until a week before the show. Tickets at the door will be $20.

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