General news and updates…

Hi all,

So, my day job is being a Tech Support Engineer for ABB Enterprises. No, no, I’m not telling people how to find the “any key”, I screen bug submitted by customers, and help with case management for the customers. Well, one of the major customers I have is upgrading our software this year, which is a massive undertaking considering that this particular software runs all of the operations in power plants (including nuclear power plants). I have been unbelievably busy since the year started, and my schedule has changed, and might change soon.

Change #1: I had to drop out of Madama Butterfly. I will be going down to the customer site during Tech Week, and you can’t be in a show and miss Tech Week. I am sad to miss this from the stage-side, but I do continue to be involved behind the scenes.

Change #2: I don’t know which week will be the Food Stamp Week at this time. I may have another trip during the originally planned trip, so this is going to have to happen when I can fit it in.


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