$30 Week — day 7

So, it’s the final day of this. And I’ll be honest, I’m sick of the project. I’m sick of not being able to eat greens, or really any fruits or vegetables. I met with folks for lunch, and Derrick got pumpkin soup, and I was really sad I couldn’t get some too. Instead, I had the rest of the bean mix stew I’ve been going through all week.

When I got back to work, I scheduled lunch for tomorrow with a couple coworker buddies for my favorite salad place, because do I miss greens! Seriously, you have no idea!

For dinner I heated up the rest of the prepared rice with some butter and hominy, and chunked the rest of the cheese on top.

I’m still refreshed from yesterday, but was starting to feel a bit down again. So I really am looking forward to the end of this, and going back to a nice, varied, and nutritive diet. Also, I’m looking forward to beer. And chocolate. And chocolate beer. And tomorrow, Vanilla Porter!

I’ve been asked if I’ve lost weight during this experiment, and unfortunately, I don’t know. My scale ran out of batteries before this started, and I haven’t had time to deal with that. So, I don’t really have a good starting point to compare to, even if I weigh myself tomorrow.

Other things of note, I do realize that if I were doing this with a monthly stipend rather than a one-week stipend, I’d probably not need to eat all rice and beans. I’m also hampered by the fact that I don’t normally do any cooking (I’m really a terrible cook), so I don’t know what is good, or what amount of things I’d need to get. I do have two cans of tomato sauce left, and a bag of black beans.. all of which is going to the Brashear Association with me when I do my donation of the money.

If buying for a longer term, there would be room to buy some staples, and also buy some side items such as the soy sauce that’s been recommended, or flour, or spices… etc. And that would help with some of what was bothering me — the lack of variety in what I was eating. I still think fresh produce is incredibly expensive for the budget (really, you could buy some, but it just wouldn’t last as long as the 1lb bag of rice for $1, so which would you choose?) I did eat plenty of food, probably even calorically speaking. Just, no variety. And also, it wasn’t high quality food.

But the real catch of all of this for me? I only had to deal with this for a week. Many have to deal with it for a lifetime.

One thought on “$30 Week — day 7

  1. A couple of weekends ago, I was at a pagan campground in Ohio and another older lady was there that was on a fixed social security income. I think it was her first time there and she talked about how sometimes she and her husband don’t have money for food and they have to go to their local food pantry for food and how even the food pantry was having a hard time keeping/getting any donations. She also talked about how she never has fresh meat or produce because the food pantry is unable to store things like that. Someone else there with some spare cash gave her some money and it really made her day to be able to even think about going to the store and getting some fresh produce.

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