$30 week — Day 2

This is a very short blog post, no pictures. Sorry about that, but I’m short on time today!

I basically have the same food as yesterday, except that this morning I did not lose my egg, so thus had breakfast. I am also putting some butter on the beans tonight, and heating them up to see if that helps the blandness some.

But the big thing I have to report today is that I’m hungry. Holy cow am I hungry. Some of this may be just cutting down on the amount I usually eat (which is too much, admittedly), but .. wow, I’m seriously starving. My energy is zapped, and I’ve been grumpy. I’m hoping my system normalizes over the week, because if this continues, I’m not sure how much more I can take!

One thought on “$30 week — Day 2

  1. It’s quite possible that the lack of energy is because processing protein takes effort, and you’re not eating the more accessble energy (and brain alertness) of easy-carbs. (see Tim Ferris’ stuff for his high protein lifestyle pieces).

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