$30 week — Day 1

So, last night I prepped some of the food. Necessary because I don’t really have much time for cooking between work and rehearsals. I cooked up 2 cups (dry) of rice, and a cup each of navy beans and lentils. I am soaking some black beans as well, which I’m hoping to cook up after this post is done. I also made some sauce with the tomatoes, some of the canned spinach, and a handful of rosemary, sage, and basil from the garden. I also hard-boiled 6 eggs (and lost 2 other eggs in the process, sigh).

So, this morning I packed half of the sauce and some of the rice for lunch, and a hard-boiled egg for breakfast. I also pulled about a third of the tea out of the box, and packed the rest of the box. Then I went to work.

And when I got to work, I found that my egg was missing. Missing! Oh no! So… no breakfast for me on the first day. Doh!

Lunch, however, wasn’t bad, which is good because it’s going to be lunch again tomorrow. I mixed half of the sauce I brought with half of the rice, and heated it in the microwave.


As I said, I’m glad it was palatable, because the same thing will be for lunch tomorrow.

Then, after work, I popped home for half an hour to practice for my audition next week, and while I was here, I put some rice and beans in a togo container. I left them cold this time, and just layered them, mostly because I had about 5 minutes for this.


I ate this while driving to my rehearsal. The beans and rice did get mixed up pretty nicely pretty quickly. It was OK, but next time I’m adding some butter and rosemary and heating it, because, well, it was kinda bland.

I’ve also been carrying around my large water bottle, which is good for me drinking a lot of water this week. So that’s good for me at least!

I headed to our local British Pub to meet up with our usual group of friends gathered there #asistradition, but couldn’t stay long because sipping at my water bottle while smelling all the really good food in the air was basically just rubbing my nose in this.

So, yes, I am hungry. I’m considering pulling some more beans out of the fridge and this time adding the butter and rosemary… I do have plenty of beans for the week, so can afford this. Or maybe I’ll make some bean soup. Hmmm.

Well, that’s day one!

4 thoughts on “$30 week — Day 1

  1. You should post the recipe for the sauce made with the tomatoes, some of the canned spinach, and a handful of rosemary, sage, and basil from the garden. So people can share.

  2. Gwen, secret ingredient; Soy Sauce. You must have some, in a cabinet somewhere in Derrick’s kitchen? A few drops, perks up anything, & everything (except dessert.) You may also thinking about cooking up a whole pot full of beans at a time, it will save you time. Add the fresh rosemary(whole) and a bay leaf or two, which you can pull out later, and SALT!

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