Preparing for my $30 food week

So, for those of you who don’t know me on Facebook, I read about a CEO who was living on a $30 food budget for a week to see how people who live on Foodstamps live. I decided to follow his example and do the same, so that I could keep some perspective on my own lifestyle.

See, I estimate that I spend probably an average of $50/day on food. I eat very well. OK, some of that money includes alcohol, but still, it’s a lot. So, $30 for the week is going to be interesting. I decided I’d take the $320 I’m saving this week and donate it to the Brashear Association as well, so there’s some charity behind this project.

So, back to the point. I went shopping today. My total grocery bill was $29.13.


If you’ll notice on that bill, I made a couple mistakes and at first ended up over the budget, so had to remove some items. Also, you might notice some missing items on this… no fresh produce or milk. Turns out, I couldn’t afford them. Yikes!

I mean, check out the price of fresh produce here:



It was honestly more than I could fit into my budget. But fortunately, I do grow some greens here at the house, so figured I’ll just go with those. I did get a couple cans of spinach though, just in case.

But yah, here’s the haul I got from the store. This is what I get to eat for the next week.


Later today I’m going to prepare some of those beans and the rice, set them up for my consumption the rest of this week. The tomatoes and spinach will go into a sauce for everything, and half the eggs are going to be hard-boiled, also for easy later consumption.

And tomorrow I start the $30 diet!

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